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Disc Jockey

Our Story

It all Started with a song

I started Star Struck Entertainment when I noticed a lack of high-quality music service in my home of Helena, Montana. Star Struck Entertainment has been in the Helena area and performing statewide Since May 1998. Since inception, we have performed from North Dakota to the Oregon and Washington coast. Over the years many DJ services have come and gone. Star Struck remains a concrete business because of our commitment to high-quality entertainment. We continue to evolve and improve as technology changes. From my humble beginning of DJing with records back in high school, to realizing my dream of being professional, the music recording medium has changed, and so have I. I have improved and changed my dynamics of playing music and entertaining a crowd. Not only can I make a crowd dance and sing, but I can calm a crowd down and keep the focus on certain events. My employees and I do all this with only the best equipment. Not only this but we also ensure to carry extra equipment to prevent any breakdowns or technical issues to escalate into a serious problem. The DJ Industry is a difficult one to truly master. Without a solid business plan and quality equipment, venues may find themselves with an angry crowd or even without any entertainment at all. The key to our success is finding the highest quality equipment and employees. We never allow a new employee to work alone at an event until they have had a minimum of 6 months training. At Star Struck Entertainment your perfect event is our #1 priority.

Our First Steps

This business started small, like any other. At the beginning I did it all. Until I could train my first employee to expand my availability I was limited only by my own abilities. I knew as time went on and managing the business on my own with only the help of my family got harder and harder I had to hire help. Although my son and daughter have always been a great help to me, I needed someone who could learn to do events without me by their side. I started employing and training a couple DJ's to work in my absence and I started expanding my business. From there all I had left was to build a clientele and improve my business plan.

1,000 Happy Customers

We have a large variety of customers. I have booked everything from High School dances, birthday parties, weddings and more. Any criticism we receive is criticism well heard. There is always room to grown. Without the help of our customers we wouldn't be where we are now.

Why Us?

Need music? We have that. Need Karaoke? We have that too. Need an Officiant? We have you covered. Star Struck entertainment prides it's self on it's unique and high quality services. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure every single song plays at the perfect time for the entire event. We have a professional set up, well dressed employees and all the equipment needed for your announcements, dinning time, dancing area and more.

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